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Friday, December 23, 2011

High Life and True Grit

I recently watched True Grit and High Life. Both were entertaining romps.

I particularly liked Matt Damon in True Grit, and I don't typically like him much. Sure I love the Borne trilogy, most his films really, but I never really took to him. Maybe it was the 'stash that did it for me finally.

Jeff Bridges has been a long time favourite. Dude! And Last Picture Show anyone? Fabulous Baker Boys, Fisher King, Thunderbolt and Lightfoot, The Morning After, and of course, Crazy Heart. Nicely done, Jeff.

But, nominations or not, I didn't much care for the girl. Especially because I first watched True Grit when I was a 7 or 8, and I had a serious crush on Kim Darby. She was one of my formative role models of girlhood!

I have no poignant connections to make between the two films except that they were both sadly entertaining - a dark slice of life, and both about desperation.

High Life is about a bunch of stoners that try to steal money disguised as ATM repairmen so they can finally live the high life - that is, stay high all the time. It had some funny moments, but it was a bit too sad for me to be altogether hilarious. They were pretty realistic addicts.

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